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"Powinniśmy postawić się na miejscu podmiotu, który próbuje odnaleźć drogę swojego życia na tym świecie , a przede wszystkim powinniśmy pamiętać, że to otoczenie pod którego jest wpływem i do którego się dostosowuje, stanowi jego Świat, a nie obiektywny Świat nauki."

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  Marek Gorzko
       Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Polska

"The Family Atmosphere" and "The Kind Service". Towards the Substantive Theory of Tourism Service.

In this paper results of empirical study on interactions between tourists and personnel of institutions dealing with service of tourists are presented. I address one of the primary issues of this substantive area: consequences of Strangers presence in the rendered-accesible-space.
On the basis of the grounded theory methodology two clusters of strategies for framing the interactional scene were distinguished. "The Kind Service" consists in thespecial arrangement of the interactional sphere which allows a maintenance of equillibrium between control and openness on Strangers kept in "half- distance".
"The Family Atmosphere" consist in the control of Strangers who have been passed a selection process by merging them in a network of bonds.

the grounded theory, tourism, Stranger, strategies of social control.
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  Izabela Wagner
       Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paryż, Francja

Career Coupling. Career Making in the World of Virtuosos and Scientists.

My study concerns the world of artistic elites and the world of researchers and scientists (chemists, physicists and biologists). In both worlds my work concerns people who are perceived by professionals in their special fields as the members of the elites, who, by virtue of their occupations are international elite members. This research, based mainly on qualitative methods, allowed me to discover the process of career coupling. Career coupling is the mechanism by which the actors approach the position that they perceive as professionally successful. Such mechanism is characteristic of the professional and parallel routes of two or more actors who cooperate, each in his/her own speciality during the periods of time that are necessary for them to be able to change each other's positions in their professional worlds. I suppose that the concept developed here can be transposed to other professional groups.

career, professional strategies, socialisation, education of elites, high education.
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  Krzysztof T. Konecki
       Uniwersytet Łódzki, Polska

Visual Images. The Main Research Strategies in Visual Sociology and Methodology of Grounded Theory

One of the goals of the paper is to describe four main research strategies of visual sociology with use of photography. The first one deals withphotography as a researcher's main activity completed by an analysis of elicited data. Second one is a usageof photos which show objects having a social meaning in an analysis of primary and not elicited data. Third one is: photographs as not elicited data connected with narrations and comments on the photos. Fourth one is: using the photographs as proofs or illustrations of some conclusions and hypothesis of research in which the main data are of verbal or statistical character. In connection to the aforementioned strategies there are analyzed the possibilities of photo images usage in a qualitative research strategy called methodology of grounded theory.

visual sociology, grounded theory methodology, photography, sensitizing concepts, serendipity.
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